Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's a New Day

You know, every morning when I roll outta bed (or my two year old pushes me outta bed) I think, "It's a new day" but rather then be excited at the prospect of a new day and all the things we get to do and learn, I'm bummed! I think, a new day for the living room to get trashed, and the kitchen to get messy, for the hubby to stay late at work, and our son to have tantrum after tantrum, and for me to attempt the never-ending mess that is our house, and breakfast, and lunch, and dinner, and dishes, and, and, and.... So by the time I'm finally awake, and ready to get going, I'm exhausted just thinking about what this new day has in store for me. I rarely enjoy my days, rather I spend the day cleaning and just trying to get by. I'm in a rut! Well I had an epiphany (is that how you spell that?). I was lying in bed one morning, as my son was wedging his feet under my back and trying to push me outta bed, I thought "It doesn't have to be a bad day, I don't have to clean, and we CAN have all the fun we want" So that is exactly what we are going to do everyday for the rest of our lives!! I've come up with some fun learning games we can play, and we race cars down the hallway, have water fights in the yard, splash each other while he's taking a bath, we have vacuums wars, and cleaning adventures. He helps me make lunch, and is learning his numbers by the microwave keypad. These things, they are what A New Day is all about! Loving life, and having fun, and acting like a kid in the mean time.

I had the pleasure of being able to scrap with Rachael Hudnall's page kit, A New Day. This kit is what got me thinking of the draining existence I was living. Each of the layouts I created with this kit, have a 'new day' meaning to me. Each describes a turning point in mine, and my family's lives. A new chapter if you will.

(images linked)

The first one is a picture of my Grandfather and his daughters (my mom, and my aunts). This photograph was taken the day of my Grandmother's funeral. The saddest day of my life. Just looking at this layout all the sadness, and grief comes rushing back to me. To me this layout signifies, that with every end there comes a new beginning. And even with death, life must go on.

A Father and his Daughters

My next layout is of my son and my brother. This photo was taken the day after my Grandmother's funeral. Picture proof that life goes on, and that even after all the sadness, we can still find happiness in our everyday lives. Page 1 of my new chapter in life!

The last one, is a happy one! It's a pictures of my husbands Aunts at Christmas, the first year we were married. You see my husband and I got married half way through his tour in Guam. 6 days after we were married he had to go back to Guam, for 6 months, then together we would move to Italy for a 3 year tour. Our first Christmas together, we were separated by thousands of miles and half the world. I went with his mother to their family Christmas get together. It was awkward, being with his family, without him. But it was my family now too. Another beginning!

I made a quickpage for you all from this wonderful kit. It's for personal use only. Please don't forget to leave a quick comment if you download.

(image linked to download)

Hope you enjoy it, and have a great week!


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Anonymous said...

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